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This gives little room for confusion or interpretation.

Let's take a look at each type of communication to see what challenges Joseph has during his day at work.

Free 5-day trial There are two different rules of communication within a business environment.

Implicit communication focuses on the ambiguous areas of gestures, vocal tones and actions, while explicit communication deals with what a person writes or says directly.

Joseph enjoys Tim's examples of explicit communication rules, which is leaving detailed written emails, demonstrating examples of procedures and clear directions.

Joseph fortunately was moved to Tim's team permanently as Michelle's implicit communication rules, which consisted of negative tone, facial expressions and gestures, made work difficult.

For example, Michelle will tell Joseph that he is doing a great job, but her face and tone is angry, and she doesn't even look at him when speaking to him.

Joseph is always stressed about whether he really is doing a good job or if Michelle is upset with his work.

Explicit communication rules are about what a manager says or writes and are usually very direct, clear, and straightforward.

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For example, most of the team was shocked to find out that Tim's wife was battling a cancer diagnosis since he always was upbeat and understanding at work.

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